Henry Amplification

Hand-wired, all-tube guitar amplifiers built to the highest standards. The 'sweet spot' should be the entire dial!


"15 years of sound engineering taught me what it takes to capture a great guitar tone, and 20 years of gigging taught me what gear delivers it best. From micing up vintage combos for Keith Richards and Eric Clapton, to walls of 4x12" cabs for some of the heaviest bands around, the goal always remained the same: artistic expression and emotion that reaches the audience, unfettered. 

Henry Amplification's mission is to deliver pure, unprocessed tone that both compliments and reveals, tearing away the veil between your music & audience, and allowing free expression through your instrument. Evolving from the classics of tube amp design, with modern advantages and just enough options to keep it fun, yet simple on a dark stage, you'll truly hear yourself for the first time."

-J.P. Henry, designer/builder


From a satisfied customer…

“A few months ago, I contacted Mr. Henry via email for a custom amp to commemorate my daughter who passed away in December of 2016. Mr. Henry provided every nook and cranny detail I asked for, and he found ways to incorporate the aesthetics with the amp's sonic performance.  I wont bore you with the details of all the amp's capabilities, so let me just say that it does everything I want exactly how I want it. I could not be happier. The Amp is a work of art. Mr. Henry takes a lot of pride in his product! I am glad I came across him.”

-John Payne, 12/10/18, 40w Overdrive Deluxe Reverb custom amp

A few reviews from our Facebook page…

40T onstage with Ashley McBryde on  Jimmy Kimmel Live!

40T onstage with Ashley McBryde on Jimmy Kimmel Live!