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Hand-wired, all-tube guitar amplifiers built to the highest standards. The 'sweet spot' should be the entire dial!


model 45+


Same great amp, fresh new look... dynamic, music, and responsive. While it's essentially a single-channel amp with switchable overdrive, the Gain & Volume controls work a little differently than others, taking you on a trip thru time along the way.

- Many Master Volume circuits can limit and degrade tone... we've gone ahead and designed this amp with that in mind, featuring the most transparent and natural-sounding master volume control possible. It’s like a built-in attenuator without any of the drawbacks.

- With OD off, the Volume control functions like a classic 1965 non-MV amp, covering a full range of tones from beautiful, warm cleans to bluesy breakup and fully-cranked Plexi tones at max. Try some Jimi with a Strat here, or grab a Les Paul and crank it to 10 (the Mid control sounds great boosted here too, just like an old Marshall).

- With OD engaged, the Gain picks up and takes you into the next decade, where overdrive can be blended into the clean tone by balancing both controls (like the old "one-wire" cascaded Plexi mod of the late '70s). Some of the in-between tones are really killer here, maintaining clarity along with some dirt & drive. Set the clean Volume where you want it and switch in just enough Gain for leads, or use it as a pseudo-Master Volume to saturate your overall sound.

- For the most in-your-face intensity and tightest feel, start with the Gain low and Volume around 7-8, then raise the Gain to taste... slam it with a hot humbucker, and a decade of "800" decadence awaits; Slash, Zakk, and more are screaming here, without the harshness that some of the amps from that era are known for. Tone stays thick & chewy with all the harmonic content you could ask for. 

Head: $1495.00 USD

1x12” Combo: $1695.00 (w/Reverb +$200)

2x12” Oversized Extension Cabinet $795.00

WGS speakers used in all combos & cabinets

All of our amps are built to order, please contact us directly for a personalized custom quote