Henry Amplification

Hand-wired, all-tube guitar amplifiers built to the highest standards. The 'sweet spot' should be the entire dial!





A warm, smooth yet detailed clean tone to satisfy & inspire the most discriminating jazz or country player… a singing, liquid lead tone, suited for single coils as well as humbuckers… and a tube-driven spring reverb to tie everything together. What began as a modified Deluxe Reverb combo became it’s own creation, and given it’s own look. Inspired by some of the original “D-style” boutique amps of the late 70s and early 80s, we’ve achieved a result with a far wider appeal and tonal range.

  • Input Level control to optimize the front end of the ODLX for your guitar & playing touch

  • Clean Volume control, which can be balanced with the Input Level for the desired amount of warm compression or a touch of breakup

  • Independent Gain & Level for the Overdrive circuit

  • Three-band EQ tailored to the guitar’s musical range

  • Midboost switch, exceptionally useful with single coils or as a lead boost

  • Overdrive Tone (rear panel) can smooth out the gain while keeping the clean tone as bright as necessary

  • Reverb (rear panel) sets the overall mix of dry/wet signal

3x 12AX7 preamp tubes, 1x 12DW7 tube (reverb driver)

2x 7581A power tubes (upgraded 6L6GC)

50 watts RMS power

Oversized Heyboer & ClassicTone transformers

Dual speaker outputs with 4/8/16-ohm selector

Head $1995.00 US

Combo $2295.00 US (WGS ET90 12” speaker)

Matching cabinets available

Export option for Europe/UK available

“Clean Only” version available as the ultimate pedal platform

Please inquire for cosmetic options, as each amp is built custom to order